About Third ID

Third ID is a people-centric news organization. Our mission is to give everyone in the world a strong, accurate and secure digital identity.

News: We publish information about people and catalogue this information in our Global People Directory. This information is gathered from public sources as well as self-reporting from the people themselves. Our editorial board filters the information with the following objectives:

Identification: Our Global ID Project is working to give every person in the world a unique nine-character public identifier in the form of xxx-xxx-xxxx. Learn More

Classifieds: We offer a unique people-centric marketplace. Organizations are not allowed to advertise, only people. We do this in two ways:

Become a Contributor:We are always looking for people to help us build our directory. Pick a category (musicians, artists, historical figures, your family, anything) and help us build a complete list of that group. We'll site your name as the contributor and link to any reference material you have. Contact us to learn more.

Team:We are small team looking to grow. Contact us if you would like to jump in. The project is led by Shane Hadden.

Contact:We're based in Lexington, Kentucky. You can reach us at

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